Vin hair vendor with outstanding products you you can’t ignore

Vin hair vendor with outstanding products you you can’t ignore

Are you in need of a hair supply but don’t know who to trust? Choosing Vin Hair Vendor is the best possible alternative. Why? Check out some of their hair products, and you’ll know the answer. 

1. Introduce about Vin hair vendor

Vin Hair Vendor was established in 2015 to great success, although the background of its founders is largely unknown. Mr. Danilo, who was raised in a rural region of the Philippines, knows the plight of the locals. He understood that the shortest road out of destitution was knowledge. In 2007, he finished college at Philippine Polytechnic University. After traveling and exploring the world, he realized the potential of the hair market, he began to research and learn. After researching many markets around the world, he chose Vietnam as his destination – where there is an advantage in the hair business thanks to the rich and quality hair source to develop his hair business. . After coming to Vietnam, he met and collaborated with Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, an expert in this field with extensive experience. The two of them combined and created Vin hair vendor. 

Vin hair vendor with outstanding products you you can’t ignore
Vin hair vendor – The leading Vietnamese hair vendor in Vietnam

After nearly 20 years of establishment, Vin Hair Vendor has now become a company with a chain of 10 franchised stores across the country, including its own factory. As a leading supplier in Vietnam’s hair market and sought after by many hair lovers around the world

2. Vin hair vendor with the best selling products

Vin Hair Vendor is at the forefront of any hairstyle and has the latest hair extension products on the market. Their items never disappoint, and because of their standout products, very few hair vendors offer this service. Join us to discover the most popular hairstyles at Vin hair vendor!

2.1. Vin hair vendor with hair products

Non-remy, remy, and virgin hair are the three types of clip extensions available from V Hair Vendor. Each type will be suitable for each object and different shopping needs of each customer

  • Non – Remy: This is the type of hair collected by Vin hair vendor from public places such as salons, sewers or in bathrooms. They will then clean and deliver to the customer. This type features a lower construction standard and less customization options. The amount of hair made from Non-remy at Vin hair vendor is almost rare. It only appears when the customer only spends a small amount of money on the use of hair extensions. 
  • Remy: This is the most popular hair type at Vin hair vendor, most of Vin hair vendor’s hair extension products are derived from Remy hair. Remy hair is collected from 2 to 3 Vietnamese women, whose hair is similar in both length and quality.
  • Virgin: Virgin is the most premium hairstyle and is always sought after by hair lovers in the market. It is not easy to find Virgin hair suppliers in the market, but if you come to Vin hair vendor, you will experience it. Virgin is stronger than remy hair and its uniformity is 100% because it is only taken from one person. 

2.2. Vin hair vendor with clip-in products

This is the most popular hair type at Vin Hair Vendor since it is popular and suitable for many people.

  • Definition of Clip-in: 
    • Clip-in products are composed of individual strands of synthetic hair that are attached to natural curls using a minimal number of compressive hooks.
Vin hair vendor with hair products
Clip-in – Best selling products in Vin hair vendor
  • Clip-in gets a youthful look by using meshes consisting of strands of different lengths. In addition, this process prevents hair products from feeling too heavy or uncomfortable for the user
  • Way to wear Clip-in: Vin hair vendor recommends the following procedure for applying Clip-in hair extensions.
    • Determine the placement of the clip-in extensions product. 
    • Section the hair into segments
    • Use Clip-in hair extension
  • Way to maintain Clip-in: Here are the exact instructions recommended by the specialists at Vin Hair Vendor for maintaining your clip-in hair extensions.
    • When cleaning your hair extensions, use a soft, fluid cleanser. The head should be washed with a cleansing soap and rinsed lightly yet properly.
    • Using a large toothed comb, remove unwanted tangles. In winter, improperly cared for hair extensions can cause hair to break quickly, so if your extensions look frizzy, apply conditioner.
    • Texturizing is a technique that can be utilized to style hair without the use of heat.
    •  Always maintain your extensions in a pigtail while they are not being used to prevent tangling.

If you want to know any more details about this clip-in hair, please visit Vin hair vendor’s website. 

2.3. Vin hair vendor with tape-in products

Tape-in hair products are the second-most famous hair extensions offered by V Hair Vendor. Let’s determine why it’s so popular.

  • Definition of Tape-in: 
    • Extension tapes are a type of weaves that is put to the head of your natural curls in order to increase their density and height. Tape-in hair extension essentially consists of the strand and the tape used to bind it to your own hair.


Tape-in - One of the best selling hair products from Vin hair vendor
Tape-in – One of the best selling hair products from Vin hair vendor
  • Due to its gentle nature and discreet, undetectable folds, duct tape is often a good solution for thin and thin hair. If you need a thicker hair, tape-in extensions are a great option.
  • Individuals with coarse scalps should not utilize tape-in hair extensions. Tape bands are extremely vulnerable to moisture. Therefore, head-oiling is not recommended. Additionally, dandruff can cause hair loss.
  • Way to wear Tape-in: Vin hair vendor recommends the following procedure for applying tape-in hair extensions.
    • Distribute hair horizontally
    • Carefully apply the first tape-in extension.
    • Raise the first extensions you’ve connected and attach it to the crown-gathered hair.
    • While simultaneously tightening the two tapes, carefully push them so that the hair can connect to the second tape.

Tape-in extensions are a practical solution to temporarily thicken and extend natural hair.

Vietnamese hair is becoming more and more popular, so many people are looking for reviews of Vietnam hair suppliers. And there are some facts about Vietnam hair suppliers and their products you have never known before. Let’s read this article to find out more:

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